Sarah life

I love animals, music, books, arts, languages (I speak Chinese, English and German fluent and learn French).

My Fender and me …. I love to play guitar both classic and e. I have a lovely Guitar teacher, Anatoly, whose daugther is a wonderful pro player.

Talking about love without talking about Twisty is impossible! My daddy put me on a horse with his mongolian friends when I was 2. I ride every since.

Has to be in the family: my great grandpa and my dad both boxed. So that was another thing I learned early (and from a champ and my friend Peter

Klaus taught me chess beautifully move by move and now I love it! Its like boxing, just more moves 🙂

I paint all I can paint! One day I’ll paint my daddys old Landrovers pink :)!

My Kindle and my cat Blacky just fit!